September 26, 2023

Another Reason I Rarely Use Twitter:

It’s down again. The site 404’ed for me for a while, then gave me the whale “be back in about an hour” image.

Unacceptable for a service like Twitter.

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  1. Wtf, if a service is unavailable for 1 hour it’s not unacceptable … it’s a normal manner to solve things while no one is doing something on the servers.
    I don’t want to offend you but your post is useless imho.

  2. A single downtime is different than constant downtimes.

    How often does gmail go down? or anything yahoo, or amazon?

    You don’t notice it do you?

    With twitter, it seems like at least once / month it’s down.

    Case in point the IM feature: it’s been down for over 6 months now.

  3. Just don’t use twitter. It’s idiotic, and just another one of those things to keep us all connected. What ever happened to the good old days, where you would pick up your phone and call a friend, or hang out at a bar. Now all we ever see is people constantly using twitter and facebook to find out about every minute detail about someone elses life.