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March 6, 2007

Bad Beats – A Poker Story

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For as much as I play poker, you’d think that I would mention it on my blog more often eh? Apparantley not. Anyway, I played in a roughly 100 person tournament this weekend (I’m not sure of the total entrants.. it was between 70 and 100). It was a charity game ran by the Axemen – they’re a professional firefighter motorcycle club that basically does a ton of charity work.

Anyway, I ended up taking 17th position (my friend Bryan took 20th or so).

Here’s how I lost:

I was in the big blind, and there was a small raise pre flop. Everybody else folded so I called the discounted price to see with some pretty crappy cards. I usually like heads up chances because I’m confident that I can outplay people after the flop – this was no exception.

The flop came up with an ace and a flush draw, I caught nothing. He checked to me and I checked to see a free card. The turn card was a 9 – that gave me a really low pair but also made a flush possible. Action was on the original raiser who came out firing with an “all – in.” Something didn’t seem right. This guy had been talking for hours about how he never bluffs (and he wasn’t forced to show one all night), but he’d gone all-in a lot recently and won a few pots with it to invest and win even more paying at ?? ???.

I asked for a chip count.

Calling his all in would have left me with exactly 1 big blind. I thought for a second, then announced “you’re bluffing, I call” and turned over my crappy pair of nines. His smile faded as he turned over his K-10. No straight draw, no flush draw, no pair – nothing. I was right!

Then the river – 10. Owell, at least the event had free food and beer. I made sure I got my $65 worth of that!

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