June 10, 2023

Bad Timing or Time to Move On?

Network World has an article talking about Yahoo / CNN’s best places to retire young” article.

It would seem that the article lists Blacksburg Virginia as one of the top places to live. The brief article on network world chides them for listing Blacksburg in the article so close to the tragedy that happened just a few days ago. It also mentions them listing a New Hampshire town where a professor was also murdered.

It’s things like this that make America weak. Tragedies happen all the time. I’m not trying to take anything away from the VA Tech tragedy – but that doesn’t mean we need to shelter ourselves from mentioning the city.

We did the same stuff on 9/11 by pulling spider man trailers that had the twin towers, editing movies that showed the world trade centers, taking the images off of tv, etc etc.. Sure, people may be emotional after a tragedy – but we can’t ignore a place and forget it exists.

Selectively avoiding bad memories is not a safe way to deal with emotional distress. It’s even worse to stop mentioning a place all together.

The people of Blacksburg Virginia still woke up today. They still made and ate their breakfast before going to work or school, and they still got on with life just like you and I. Sure, they’ll never forget what happened there the other day – but they won’t hide from their daily lives either.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on after a tragedy.

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