Blame it on the Wii

Chalk up more bad publicity for the Wii.  First the straps were faulty (nevermind the fact that people couldn’t follow instructions, or hold on to the controller. Then it was the case of Porn on the Wii. Ignoring the fact (as the article I linked mentions) that the Wii actually does a better job of shielding your kids from porn than your local computer can even dream of doing.

So what now? Well, death of course. It seems that a woman died of water intoxication in a wii contest. Actually, it was a water drinking contest put on by KDND 107.9 where the winner got a free wii. The contest was titled “Hold Your Wee for a Wii.”

A simple idea – everybody drinks water, the last to pee wins the Wii. Of course, there comes a time when one can drink too much water.

I’m not sure what’s worse… the radio station who didn’t research the effects of their contest, or all the media outlets who put Wii in the title in an attempt to either cast blame or grab more readers.

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  1. Wow… people really don’t think things through when they jump on the bandwagon of “its all THEIR fault, it cannot possibly be OURS!”