September 26, 2023

Blogging, iApps, & other Snarks

I have to agree with Mike Arrington. The wall street journal is pretty off on their write up of blogging history. They just published an article saying happy 10th birthday to blogging. While the word may be only 10 years old, the concept isn’t.

I myself started blogging in 1998… only we didn’t call it a blog or a journal. We called it a website. Back then though, there were no fancy files like wordpress. You needed to know how to get hosting, and write your own perl (later PHP) scripts. Of course, I didn’t invent blogging either.. I saw others doing it before me and said “hey cool.. me too.” That makes me think “blogging” is a bit older than the WSJ says it is.

Even in dotCULT’s heyday of 2000 we didn’t call it blogging. Maybe they’re talking about the popularity of the word blogging… if so, then it’s not even 10 yet.

Also, I’m tired of hearing the phrase iPhone Application. There’s just no such thing. What you’re really talking about is a website. Sure it may use iPhone style graphics and look really good at 320X240, but it’s still a web page… not an iPhone application. Speaking of which, I DO have 2 iPhone formatted websites: and They’re not applications, and they’re not just for iPhones. You can use your Nokia too if you want. Let’s stop calling things by stupid names and call them what they are.

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