Cleaning Up My DVD Mess With DiscSox

Anybody who’s been to my house knows that my spare bedroom is basically a small storage unit. It’s got a twin bed that I haven’t used in years, a very expensive wood desk that I haven’t used since I put a cubicle in my home office, about 1500 CDs and a couple hundred DVDs.

I’ve been slowly taking steps to eliminate this clutter – starting with the CDs and DVDs. As I’m still ripping all my CDs onto a hard drive, I started with the DVDs (which didn’t make sense to digitize.)

That’s when I discovered DiscSox. DiscSox are a DVD / CD / Video game storage system that works like a card catalog.

It allowed me to go from this:
DVD cases

To a much more space saving system like this:

It’s about the size of 5 or 6 DVD cases and sits nicely on top of my Bose subwoofer (as shown.)

Each “sock” holds the wraparound jacket, the inside liner notes, and up to 2 DVDs in a nice space saving design.

Here’s a picture of the sock up close, as well as the inside.

I’ve ordered 3 sets. That set pictured above is about 70 DVDs, I’ve got another 70 to go. Each tray is supposed to hold 50 (and comes with 50 sleeves) but I managed to fit 70 of them in there. I think I’m gonna do my Xbox and Wii games with this system too.

The only question that remains is what am I going to do with this extra room once I get rid of all the CDs, DVDs, and the spare bed."http:/" About Ryan Jones

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