May 29, 2023 Gets More Traffic Than Facebook?

That’s right. According to website magazine’s top trafficked website list, comes in at #14. That’s higher than Facebook (18) Amazon (19) CNN(21) and Apple(50).

So how do they do it? Perhaps it has something to do with the default homepage setting that all comcast cable modems pre-set, but I have a different idea. Recently, Comcast (and my provider: Wow) started redirecting all 404 errors to their own ad filled pages. It’s rather annoying, but over a large scale I’m willing to bet that it’s making them a ton of cash.

Shady? I think so.

By the way, if you wanted to know the top 10 according to website magazine, they are: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Live, Youtube, Microsoft, AOL, eBay, Myspace, and (wikipedia comes in 12th)

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  1. I think the 404 redirect (at least in my area) is to, not

    i think they’re two different sites…

  2. Another reason I dislike Comcast….