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July 7, 2008

Conservapedia – A Very Amusing Read

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buy clomid boots pharmacy I just stumbled upon a site called Conservapedia. It’s basically wikipedia for conservatives. I’ve been reading it whenever I have some free time, and it’s quite amusing. I didn’t even know conservatives needed their own encyclopedia. Us non conservatives do just fine using wikipedia.

Firstly, it’s funny that it’s set up like a wiki but that I can’t actually edit any pages. Beyond that, the actual articles are hilarious. I’m shocked that some people actually hold some of these world views.

Some of my favorite topics there include:

the homosexual origins of nazism
atheists and communists
and the homosexual agenda

According to conservatives, homosexuals are all about restricting free speech, obtaining special treatment, distorting science, and interfering with freedom. And here all I thought they wanted was social acceptance and the right not to be killed. Man was I off.

I also love the wording of some of the claims. Here’s a good example:

“Hume is well known for arguing that it is always more probable that the testimony of a miracle is false than that the miracle occurred.[56] Christian apologists William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, C.S. Lewis, JP Holding, and others have shown the inadequacy and unreasonableness of Hume’s position”

As a philosophy minor, I’ve actually read both Hume’s and Craig’s papers on this topic. Hume’s statement is represented correctly. Craig’s argument goes like this: “if we assume there’s an all powerful god who can do whatever he wants, then miracles are very probable.”

I’m sorry, but that sounds a lot like begging the question – a phil101 error. Craig’s argument basically reduces to “if we assume Hume’s wrong, then he’s wrong and I’m right.”

Perhaps the most fun part of conservapedia though is the statistics page. Here, we clearly see the things that most interest conservatives are gays, gays, and more gays. Looking at the site, it would seem that the biggest problem America is facing right now is a bunch of freedom hating, nazi, athiest gays who want to abolish free speech and force everybody else to be gay.

I honestly can’t read/write anymore right now, I’m laughing way too hard.

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