June 8, 2023

Degree Opinion Wanted

My company is moving next month (to a place that’s a 41 mile drive from my house.. but that’s another story) and the new building is right across the street from Oakland University.

Since I’ve always wanted a masters degree, I’ve decided that this might be a good time to go back. Classes would be very close to work (I could walk from work to class), and I’d have the time.

But what degree should I get?

It’s currently between the Engineering Management and the Software Engineering degree. I just can’t decide.

My bachelors is in computer science (from Michigan.) I’m leaning toward the management degree right now because it looks like the software engineering degree would repeat a lot of classes that I had at Michigan.

Any opinions? I’d appreciate them. Thanks.

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  1. You’ve already got a job, what the hell do you need a degree for?

    And wouldn’t it cost you a bunch of cash as well?

  2. Yeah, it’d cost me about 15-20k to get a masters degree.

    I do have a job, but one of my life goals is not to be sitting in a cubicle when I’m 59 years old.. The way to achieve that is through career advancement.

    I know I know… start my own company. I should… but I like the stability of a guaranteed bi-weekly paycheck.

  3. Not sure how it works across the pond, but in my experience career advancement comes from working harder and producing better work. Qualifications get you in the door, after that your work speaks for you – could well be different in your sector/country and bear in mind I am self-taught. *shrug*

  4. If you want to get out of the cube the management would make more sense. You can make big bucks being a programmer but you only have a few choices Google, Microsoft 😉
    If you want some skills that will help you start a business (like the financial ones in that engineering list) as well as a degree that is probably more fit for the Mid-West then you will make more money and get out of the cube faster by going a more manager role. Although you will have to start wearing a suit once you want 6 figures haha.

    I was going to go get my MBA – but – I realized that if I actually dedicated myself to life long learning such as the ‘personal MBA’ and constant personal development that I will have the ammo… and the only thing the MBA would help me with is on paper.. which may only determine whether they call me for the interview… but I think 90% of job leads come through friends and referral networks, so if you can get infront of the person that has the power to give you the money, then the only thing that will matter is what you really know.

    I was just going to post something small but I started rambling,

    *If you want a PhD then dont go the engineering management.


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