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September 15, 2008

Dems, We’re Gonna Lose This One

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NazarĂ© The more I’ve been thinking about the current presidential race, the more I’m realizing that Obama isn’t going to win. Come November, John McCain will win the white house and America will still not learn its lesson.

This was our year Dems. After the last 8 years of Bush, we democrats were licking our chops at the chance to retake the white house. The mid-term elections came and we re-took control of congress. America had had enough of this administration and they were exercising their voice. Things were looking great.

We’re still going to lose, and there’s really nothing we can do about it. As long as McCain and Palin are allowed to outright lie and change whatever facts they want, the Democrats can’t win.

But we’re winning you say. Recent polls show that Obama has a few point lead on McCain. That’s the problem. How can it only be a few points? I just don’t see it.

Looking at all the newspaper articles, senate voting records, and candidate speeches, how can this race even be close? It doesn’t make sense.

McCain is an echo of George Bush – the current president who has a measly 30% approval rating. That explains 30% of McCain’s votes, but what about the other 20%? What the hell are these people thinking? Do they want 4 more years of this crap?

Palin is a creationist who is against all forms of birth control, yet she’s being hailed as a step forward for women. Are you serious? A woman in the white house is great, but her views serve merely to further repress woman’s rights. The anti-abortionist Palin said it was her daughter’s choice to keep the baby. Bristol gets a choice, but the rest of America shouldn’t? Makes sense to me.

McCain is pro business and pro Bush. Put some tights on him and he’d be the perfect sidekick. One need only look at his voting record (when he managed to actually vote – McCain missed more senate votes than any other senator) to see that he voted with Bush over 90% of the time.

He calls himself a war hero, often touting that he’s more experienced to manage the Iraq war. I don’t see how he can even mention the Iraq war though, having only voted in 4 of the last 14 senate measures concerning it. How well do you think he’ll handle a war that he’s too busy campaigning to even vote on?

I’m also not too sure about the usage of “hero” here. A “hero” is somebody who saves lives. McCain got shot down and captured. It seems to me that all he did was endanger more lives by failing in his mission. Failure doesn’t make you a Hero. It just makes you a veteran like every other soldier. Either way, military service doesn’t really matter to me when it comes to being president.

What matters to me is technology, business, innovation, and the economy – all of which McCain fails to understand. He’s pro patents, pro DRM, anti net neutrality, hates economists, and is in favor of regulating the internet. This is the man who introduced a bill that would require websites to be held criminally responsible for the comments on their sites.

This is a man who voted against the GI bill, against social security, and against raising the minimum wage.

This is a man who completely changed his position on everything as soon as he was upgraded from senator McCain to candidate McCain. While the senator spoke out against drilling in America, the candidate urges that we do it. The Senator voted against the Bush tax cuts, but the Candidate wants to make them permanent. This is the senator who once responded to a letter I sent him with “We’re sorry but Senator McCain doesn’t have the time to address the concerns of those outside of his voting district.” Senator McCain only cared about Senator McCain, what do you think Candidate McCain’s main priority is?

You’ve probably seen the McCain ad where he bashes the bridge to nowhere, bear DNA program, and woodstock museum as “pork barrel spending”. Were you also aware that McCain actually voted in favor of the DNA program, and wasn’t even present for the votes on the bridge or Woodstock museum? Last time I checked, “doing nothing” didn’t count as “taking a stand against wasteful spending.”

Speaking of spending, if I have to hear Palin talk about putting the state plane on eBay one more time I’m going to start pulling out hair. WHy has this been in every one of her speeches? Sure, she put the plane on eBay, great. But guess what? It wasn’t her idea – it was state policy made almost a year before she took office. Furthermore, it didn’t sell on eBay. It sold through a broker after sitting on the auction site for 2 months and costing the state over $60,000 in payments on the plane and listing fees. The would have saved that money had they simply gone through a broker in the first place.

Sure, she fought against the bridge to nowhere project, but that didn’t stop her from requesting $453 million in other earmarks. That’s almost $800 per person living in Alaska.

That’s a lot of lies, but despite all those McCain will still win the election.

It has nothing to do with Obama being black, or Muslim (by the way, he’s actually Christian.)

It has nothing to do with any of that. When Americans go into the polls, they’re going to vote based on the lies they’ve heard on TV – and as long as McCain and Palin are allowed to say whatever they want, people will believe them.

Others will vote along the party line like they’ve been doing since they voted for Eisenhower – having never noticed the changes in the parties since Nixon.

Doing the research is more than most Americans can be bothered with.

After all, I could spend a few hours researching the actual facts about the election, but then I’d miss tonight’s episode of Prison Break on Fox.

America didn’t learn its lesson the last 4 years, and we’re not going to learn it the next four either.

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