June 8, 2023

Did You Notice The Silence?

Internet radio fell silent today. Did you notice?

Thousands of Internet broadcasters turned themselves off today to protest the new bill in congress that would demand outrageous royalty fees from Internet radio stations. The way it’s currently worded, an Internet radio station would have to pay a small fee per “performance” of a song. That sounds fair until you read the definition of “performance.”

Basically, a radio station that had 500 listeners would have to pay 500 royalties per song. To give you a feel as to how much money this is, if you went retroactive to the time most stations started they’d owe a collective fee bigger than the GDP of the United States.

Unfortunately, this issue isn’t getting enough attention. I don’t think anybody I’ve met, chatted with, or encountered today has said anything about the Internet radio silence. Sure a few tech bloggers noticed, but that’s it. And that’s not enough to influence congress or the RIAA.

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  1. This is rediculous. I thought they were going too far before. I never understood how it is that these people justified making money off of artists in the first place, now this? I’ve never seen them as anything but a bunch of suits trying to tell us that we have to pay them in order to pay the artists (or songwriters’) for their work. This is nothing but another case of big corporations lobbying to make more money they don’t deserve.

  2. Alexander says

    If the royalties were going to the artists who created the music, I’d say “good, make internet radio pay the same as normal radio”. I personally get a cheque every quarter from my publishers for my radio plays and it’s a nice little source of income.

    In reality, it’ll just make record companies richer, so fuck em.