May 29, 2023

Do All Dells Die When Their Warranty Expires?

I’ve had 2 Dell computers in my life. My last one, you may remember from the pictures I posted, had a rough encounter with a baseball bat after it’s motherboard fried. It seems the computer’s warranty had expired the previous month and then the motherboard fried.

So, I bought a new one. Well, it’ warranty was up about 2 months ago, and it just died. It’s been running non-stop for the last 6-8 months. When I powered it off to go on vacation, it wouldn’t power back on. Instead, I just get a blinking power light.

Maybe that’s why I bought a Mac. The problem is, I was doing most of my work stuff (including all my email and development code) on the Dell. I’d get another Mac for work if I didn’t need to use windows for work. I know there’s parallels, but then I can’t run any directx crap. I might have to use bootcamp I guess.

Has anybody else seen this problem? I’m not talking about the not powering up – I’m sure that’s a power supply issue and I had one overnighted to me so i can test it (stupid Dell and proprietary parts that my local computer stores don’t sell.)

I mean the computer having problems within 3 months of the warranty expiring. It’s happened to every Dell I’ve ever owned, as well as the 1 or 2 that my cousin has owned. My parents dell warranty is due to expire soon, so I guess I’ll see what happens to theirs.

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