May 29, 2023

Do We Really Need .post ?

I was reading on slashdot earlier about a plan for the .post internet address. It would be open only to actual post offices – attempting to build trust.

But why?

Is this really the best approach? Should we count on every post office to make their own website and then make it work? That sounds like a great plan for failure to me.

The post office is owned by the government. What’s wrong with using .gov? Why not have 1 website where everybody can go to. Let the website figure out where you’re at and what city you need to do it for. That way, all the customers see the same thing no matter where they are. If a new rate hike or policy goes into effect, it’s 1 file to update.

Keeping the user experience the same seems like a good idea to me. Besides, having to learn a new URL depending on what city you live in just seems like a great way to cause confusion to me.

How about instead we come up with some new extensions that would actually be useful. Here’s my suggestions:

.lame for all the stupid websites out there. This way, when somebody emails me a “funny” site, I’ll be able to decide not to visit it based on the URL.

.fail – This should be mandatory for most of the current web2.0 startups. Perhaps any company not making money after a set time period gets moved to the .fail domain so that somebody can do something useful with their name.

.wiki – for no other reason than the fact that I own and would like to make some money.

.porn – critics say this will make porn easier to find. Well, yeah, that’s my point too.

.valley – should be required for all the A-list blogger never leave the valley crowd. You know the people I’m talking about. The ones who think Facebook banning Scoble is national news when in reality nobody east of the Rockies even knows who Scoble is.

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