May 29, 2023

Don’t Be Cheap

Just want to say that Dallas was a blast. Robert Earl Keen puts on a great show (if you like country music) and Billy Bobs in Fort Worth is a great place to hang out.

I met some cool people and had some fun times, but right now I just want to vent about something. I know the people involved will never read this, so I can use it as a lesson to everybody else who reads my blog.

On Saturday I ended up leaving a $6 tip on a $10 bill at Chilis, and it wasn’t because the service was good.

Brad and I met up with 2 girls he knows, and we all had lunch at Chilis. When the bill came, the waitress (as most do) put it all on one check. Since I’ve never been bad at math, I determined that the one girl and I owed $10 (we had the same thing), brad owed $10, and the other girl owed $8. The bill being just under $38, that would have covered it sans tip.

Anyway, the girl who owed $8 started throwing a fit. She insisted that she couldn’t afford to pay for it this way, that she needed her own check so she could get her change back.

Double checking the math, I informed her that her change would only be $0.12 but she still threw a fit.

Needless to say, neither one of the girls left a tip either.

I just can’t believe somebody would be so cheap that they not only don’t tip, but that they can’t spare the extra 12 cents.

I just want to say sorry to that Chilis waitress.

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  1. You should have just thrown down a 50 spot looked ballaharific and taken those two girls back to the inn…. BANG

    left yo homie hanging at chillis with he’s cheese fries

    **yeah i dunno.. its late