Don’t Forget to Sue the News Too!

KATV reports that an Arkansas man is using the local library after his sons found a book on lesbian sex among it’s shelves.

Earl Adams, if you’re reading you might want to include KATV in your lawsuit. Their “Google more on this topic” takes me to a Google search for lesbian sex and oh boy what you can find if you happen to click the “images” after clicking your link. Not to mention where you end up if you click a few of the search results.

In all seriousness though Earl, I really hope your suit gets thrown out and you get laughed at. It’s not the library’s job to shelter your children – it’s your job to supervise them. Libraries are places for information – some of which you may not agree with. Regardless of your beliefs or feelings about certain information though, it still belongs in a library; no matter what it is. If you don’t want your kids reading certain books go to the library with them.

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