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May 14, 2007

Early Adopter Woes

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http://inklingsandyarns.com/2011/09/boo/ I came across a job description today that I wanted to apply to, but I couldn’t. It seems that it requires resumes be sent in only by fax.

How many people own fax machines at home? EFax is a subscription (that I’m not about to pay for to send 1 fax) so that’s out.

I found some free software that came with my all in one printer that sends faxes, but sadly it requires that I plug it into a phone jack.

That’s my next question… how many people actually have land line phones? I don’t! There’s no need for it.

Is this company far behind the times, or am I just crazy to expect companies to have at least one newer way of receiving information?

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