June 8, 2023

Essential Firefox Extensions

I recently had to install firefox on a new computer, and I realized I didn’t have a convenient list of the plugins I use on a daily basis. Since I figured others might benefit from this information I’m making it a blog post instead of just a note to myself.

Here’s my essential firefox extensions:
firefox extensions

Some noteably cool ones:

http://thisisthewilderness.com/wp-includes/images/css.php CustomizeGoogle is one that every SEO should have. It not only numbers my search results, but lets me quickly take my searches from Google to Yahoo to MSN with just one click.

Google Global is another SEO must – especially if you have Canadian clients like we at brandlabs do.

Screen Grab is cool too. It lets me save a picture of the webpage I’m visiting without having to do that printscreen + paint stuff.

Web Developer is perhaps the most useful though. There’s no way I’d be able to function without it. I’ve become totally dependent.

It’d be neat if you could package and distribute a version of firefox with a bunch of extensions already selected, settings checked, etc. That way you could have the SEO version, the web developer version, and the my parents version. I think that would greatly expand the firefox market share.

What do you think? What are your can’t live without extensions?

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  1. You’re clearly a developer. I would REALLY recommend using Firebug. I like it a lot better than the Web Developer extension, but you can use them both at the same time if you like different things about each.

    Good luck with Firefox! It’s the best.

  2. Alexander says

    Unfortunately, the more plugins you use, the slower and less stable Firefox becomes. It’s got some horrible memory leak at the moment and will often just lock up and crash on our machines here if you have too many tabs open for too long.

    There was a time when it was head and shoulders the best browser out there (for PC). Not sure if that’s the case at this current time.

  3. yeah.. i agree alex. I’ve had some memory issues. I think it was with firebug and web developer together now that you mention it.

    However at home I’m also using my custom noslang plugins, user agent switcher, a google quality rater plugin, and scribefire.

    I didn’t need any of those at work (although i’ll probably install user agent switcher. It’s always fun to tell a website you’re googlebot and see what happens)

    I did used to use firebug, but for some reason I like web developer.

  4. Try the iMacro extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3863
    It’s very useful for automated web testing and/or for just generally automating mundane and repetitive tasks


  5. Bugmenot, Better Gmail, Forecastfox, All-in-One Sidebar, Download Statusbar, Tiny Menu, Tab Mix Plus, and Google notebook. There are so many good extensions out there that it is tough not only to find them, but to name them all.

  6. I just found out that this post was picked up in Robert Scoble’s shared items feed. Cool! I didn’t know Scoble read this blog. I’m a little flattered.

    Welcome to anybody who’s reading me from there.