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May 3, 2007

Free SEO Work

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For a while now I’ve been thinking about dabbling in doing some freelance SEO work. See, all my SEO experience comes from doing it for the companies I worked for or by doing it for my own sites. That’s all good except when somebody asks for examples of my work. I can’t give them examples of other people’s sites that I did as part of my old company, and something doesn’t feel right about using my own sites.

With that said, I’m looking for a site that wants some free SEO work done.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A keyword research report
  • An initial search engine traffic report (You’ll have to let me install analytics or give me access to yours)
  • Copy writing suggestions
  • Linking suggestions
  • LinkBait suggestions

You’ll notice I said suggestions here. That’s because I’m not actually going to do the coding – that’s up to you. I’ll simply suggest ways to get you to rank better.

Ideally, I’ll find a site willing to perform some of the changes I recommend and then we can measure results in a month or so.

Here’s what I’ll get:

By doing this, you’ll agree to let me publish your initial traffic stats, every suggestion I make, and your post traffic stats. If I publish it online, I’ll give you a link. Regardless, you give me the rights to use your domain as an example in a website, resume, book, article, or whatever else I choose.

The Ideal site should:

  • NOT be related to Porn, Gambling, anything illegal, loans, pills, or any other topic that’s semi-spammy
  • Preferably not have done a ton of SEO work already. I’m looking for something that shows the value of doing SEO.
  • Not compete with any of my sites or targeted keywords.
  • Not be a thin affiliate – for example an auto loan site whose form takes you to another domain.
  • Must have contact information or contact form on the site – I’ll use that to get ahold of you

Of course, if it’s a non-profit, charity, informational, or useful site that I like I’ll give it more preference in choosing.

This will be the only mention you’ll see of this on my blog, and I may or may not ever post the results on dotCULT. That’s up to me at a later date.

If you’re interested go ahead and leave your URL in the comments here. Make sure the URL you post is to the home page, but also make sure I can find the contact information or contact form on the website as well. Please don’t leave contact information here – the blog spam spiders will get it.


  1. http://a2-blog.com ?


    Comment by Andrew Rouhafzai — May 3, 2007 @ 1:37 pm

  2. Heh, I’d consider it Andy – but a blog isn’t really a good fit for this type of experiment.

    I’d prefer some sort of business or something.

    Comment by Ryan — May 3, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

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