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February 26, 2007

Getting the Front Page of Google

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Earlier this month I wrote a short article titled What The Hell is cpsrvd? It was a quick post about how I researched something and saw that the results I got weren’t too helpful. To fix that, I decided that I would write something better than the top Google results for my query. (“cpsrvd failed“)

As I mentioned at the bottom of the article, one great SEO technique is to find things people are searching for where good results don’t exist and make a good result. That’s what I tried to do with that post.

Anyway, I wrote that article on Feb 9th, and I’ve been periodically checking it’s ranking. Today (the 26th) it’s on the first page of Google for “cpsrvd failed”. It’s not a high traffic search term (that’s not what I was going after) but it is a way to bring highly targeted visitors to your website.

Clearly this was just a test (there’s no financial incentive here for me), but it’s a great example of how focusing on “usefulness” can result in great webpages http://thisisthewilderness.com/leaves-grass-14th-factoy/ and great rankings. Sometimes you need to step back and stop worrying about things like keyword density and just focus on making your site more useful than the competition. Try it out – it works!

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  1. Oh yeah.. shows how little I check the other search engines nowadays, but that post is also on the front page of MSN and Yahoo for the same term.

    Note: (again, it’s not a high powered term but it is a standard error message.. so it’s what somebody in that case is likely to be typing in.)

    So how is this useful? Well, if you’re a web host or a maker of server software it might be beneficial to host an article like this. Anybody viewing this article would be a webmaster and in your target demographic.

    Comment by Ryan — February 26, 2007 @ 5:36 pm

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