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July 12, 2007

Giving Shoutwire Another Try

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http://vintagegoodness.com/thrift-haul-not-bad-for-october/ Some of you may remember that I was at one time an editor on shoutwire. Shoutwire is a Digg style site, but with a little more moderation to prevent spam. It also offers editorials.

One of the editorials I wrote for them the first time is still in their top 5 most popular. It’s called My Daughter’s a Tramp, Isn’t it Cute. You may remember it.

I left Shoutwire shortly after that when one of the people in charge started making unreasonable demands from us unpaid editors. He treated us like outsourced labor – and poorly.

Anyway, Shoutwire was recently purchased by Tubearoo (stock symbol: TUBR) and after seeing that a 400 day article was still in their top 5, they invited me back.

I’m not sure how long I’ll remain there or what, but my plan is to try to post 1 new editorial every week.

Here’s my first one.:
Paris Hilton… Is all it takes to make you read this.

Check it out.

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