May 29, 2023

Happy Birthday Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Wikipedia. January 15th, 2001 was when it launched. That’s right, the open source encyclopedia turns 7 today. Can you believe it’s been 7 years already? Man I feel so old.

It’s been 7 years, and we what have we got to show for it?

Well, we’ve got more information about Star Trek ( or Star Wars ) than we do about earth’s closest star.

We’ve also got just as much information about the Apple Newton as we do Issac Newton.

Happy birthday Wikipedia. I wish you many more years of geekdom and elitist moderator rule.

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  1. The not white enough guy says

    Do you want to hear something really interesting? I was banned from Wikipedia for not being WHTE. There was this mormon there that wanted to add info to the Native American page that all the Native Americans were really Jewish. His only source was the Book of Mormon. I deleted that edit and went to the mormons page and posted links to real sources like the Vatican and the NAACP that were critical of Mormon teachings about Race. Basically they said that mormons were racist without actually using the word racist. The mormon andim StormRider asked me if I had any authority to add the links. I told him that they were real sources that anyone would recognize. He then explained that what he was really asking was if I was either white or mormon because only white mormons were allowed to edit the mormon page. I told him that I was not but never saw that rule anywhere. I never heard back from him but was banned by Wikipedia. Someone explain that to me.