June 8, 2023

Happy Maddenolidy

Today is the day many football games have been looking forward to since the Old Trafford brawl. We’ve been dreaming of new rookies, new animations, new moves, and end zone celebrations. I’m talking about Madden 08.

Like a child eagerly heading downstairs on Christmas morning we’ll all be heading to the stores (or the mailbox) today in search of gaming greatness. This Maddenolidy though, it seems as if we’ll be opening up a big pink bunny suit instead of our red rider B.B. guns. (sorta like how you’re reading tired cliches here instead of insightful commentary.)

This year’s version of the game offers little else other than improved rosters, and new animations – except for the increased product placement. Now, things like the coin toss are actually sponsored. Just what I needed!

I’ve never understood why EA doesn’t approach video games from a “software as a service” model. The main reason I buy new versions of the sports games every year is for the updated rosters. My Wii is online, so why not offer me a continually updated roster service? I’d gladly pay a yearly fee to be able to have it automatically update with the newest version of the game and rosters (or just the rosters for my old version.)

I’ll still buy this year’s version, (it should already be waiting at home in my mailbox) and I’ll still play it for hours – not because it’s so much better than last year, but because it’s the only one out there to feed my football fix.

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  1. It is the only game I buy and play. I’ll buy it every year, whatever console I may be using at the time. If you want a competitor, let me know.