He’s Actually A Creative Identity Thief

Previously I mentioned that one of my credit card numbers had been compromised. I quickly took care of that (here’s how) but not until I called to send back some recent purchases did I realize what they were up to.

I couldn’t figure out why I kept receiving book clubs, blockbuster accounts, and weird facial cremes in the mail. I thought surely that this had to be the dumbest identity thief ever. They’ve purchased 6 things and have yet to hit $100, and everything keeps showing up at my house. FAIL…

Or not.

See, what I didn’t realize is that everything they ordered was through a commission junction banner. So the person who has my credit card number simply created a commission junction account and then clicked his own banners and signed me up for the products. There’s almost no way they’re going to get caught. The credit card company has to trace it back to the book clubs, who trace it back to commission junction, and it probably dies there. By then, the person’s account is probably closed up and they’ve already cashed their check. By keeping the purchases under $100 they avoid any likelihood of being charged with a crime – as it’s not profitable for the credit card company to go after them.

Hats off to you [email protected] – it’s a pretty nice scam you’ve got going there for you. May the fleas of 1000 camels infest your genitals.

On a plus note, Scholastic simply told me to donate the books I received to a local library instead of sending them back. Most companies would want their $5 shipment back and threaten to charge me for it if I didn’t send it back within so many days. I know, a few have done so. Let me tell you it’s a pain in the ass to have to go and buy a box to put crap in that you didn’t order. (since most had the packing slip inside the box, so it had to be opened to call them)

My library is about to get a bunch of Disney books though, so at least somebody other than [email protected] wins here.

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  1. Beth Allen says

    This just happened to me and I was glad to see your post here because the “why” has been driving me nuts…in my case it was Gevalia coffee, Blockbuster, some weird grantwriting CD subscription, and an herbal supplements subscription.