westwardly March 23, 2023

How NOT to fundraise

I was interrupted during the Lions game today by a kid selling candy at my door. Ordinarily I’m a sucker for helping kids fund raise (ok, you got me I’m just a sucker for candy!)

Anyway, before I could say “Gimmie some Reeses cups” he went into his spiel about what he was fund raising for. After listening to the kid talk, I decided NOT to buy any candy from him.

This little brat was selling candy to finance a trip to cedar point for him and his brother. It wasn’t even part of a school or a club! To make matters worse, he was from a city about 20 miles away from me!!

I know times are rough in Michigan right now, but that’s no reason to send your kid around trying to sell candy so you can make money. If he was selling for charity, a sports team, church, school, or anything else that somehow provides value it would have been a different story. But an amusement park for you and your family? You’ve got to be kidding me! If you can’t afford Cedar Point, don’t go, but don’t drive your kid 20 miles away to a more upscale part of town to re-sell your store bought candy. That’s just not right.

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