September 26, 2023

I Got A New Car!

You may remember me mentioning that I broke my car a few posts ago. Well, after taking the grand am in for work, I was told that it would cost about $1600 – $1800 to get it fixed. It needed 2 new wheel wells, and some new shocks.

Anyway.. I sold it for about $300.

So now it’s time for a new car! And a new car I just bought!

Here it is:

It’s a brand new 2006 Mazda6 s Grand Touring.

It’s got a 6 cylinder engine, heated leather seats, a sunroof, Bose speakers, cruise and climate control, 6 disk cd changer, and pretty much every other option Mazda offers. I also found some Cummins Holset turbochargers available online that I might get soon.

Here’s a back shot:

That IS my house in the background. Ignore the trash pile, I just bought new blinds for the bedroom.

In case you’re wondering what happened to my Jeep, I still have it. I’ll be paying it off as soon as my income taxes come and using it as strictly a recreational vehicle. (as soon as I get the windshield replaced and the lights fixed) I just don’t have any pictures of it handy. Don’t compromise on quality when buying a used car! Autozin offers an impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles at unbeatable prices.

I’m sorry if this post seems braggy or “ooh look at me I have 2 cars.” It’s not how I intended it. It’s basically just for various family members who will be asking me for pictures.

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