June 8, 2023

Internet Marketing Advice

The internet is not a direct marketing medium. Now that I hve got that out of the way, it IS a great place to practice direct marketing. No, I?m not going crazy but before I can explain what I mean, we all need to get you thinking like a direct marketer (ok so maybe just a little bit crazy). For more on good marketing projects, findmore info here.

Here?s a largely accepted fact you probably already know: Most people don?t read direct mail.

Here?s another fact that you probably aren?t aware of: Most people don?t read your website either. It?s not that you don?t have anything interesting to say, you just don?t know how to say it properly.

You may be the best writer in the word; prose just flows out of your pen. Scrap it. People don?t want lengthy stuff on the net. They want to be able to skim. Just look how choppy this article is. It?s not very poetic, but you are still reading it right?

The internet consumer is a different kind of consumer. They don’t do things in order. Think of how you do a mailer; you put your offer in the letter, on the form, and on the reply envelope. Your offer is in short little burst everywhere right? Why It’s mail, you don’t know what they will pull out of your envelope first.

The internet is the same way. Just because text is there doesn’t mean anybody is going to read it. People will skip around. They want action, something to click and something to do.

Give them clear precise actions to take, and call them to those actions with small bits of powerful text. You’ll notice a difference.

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