June 8, 2023

iPhone Causes AT&T Bill Simplification

If you were one of the first to get an iPhone, you may have experienced a little bit of shock when opening your first phone bill since switching. Personally, my bill was 20 some pages long – compared to the 3 pages Cingular used to send me before becoming AT&T.

The reason for killing an extra tree? It seems that AT&T itemized all my data usage. Since I constantly checked out websites on my phone at work, in the car, on the toilet, in bed, etc, I had LOTS of data line items with a charge of 0.

I laughed when I got my first bill, and thought “wow, I wonder how many trees the iPhone is killing” before dropping it all in my shredder.

The good news is, it’s going to stop! I just got a text message from AT&T saying that they’re going to remove item detail on my next bill, and if I’d like it to get it online or call 611. That’s a change in the right direction. Now if only they’d actually offer that $5 unlimited texting they talk about on TV instead of hiding the required “data plan purchase” away in the small text.

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