Is Adwords Charging Me Too Much Per Click?

Using a nice little keyword tool I stumbled upon a keyword that gets a few hundred searches but nobody is bidding on. Things like this are rare and I quickly placed my adwords ad for such keyword.

I got a Great quality score, and it returned a minimum bid of $0.04. I copied another ad campaign, so I left my max bid at 35 cents.

A quick search for the keyword showed ONLY my ad – no others.

The problem is, I received 2 clicks on it today totaling 46 cents in cost. That’s 23 cents/click!!

If the minimum bid is 4 cents, and I’m the only person bidding on this keyword… why wasn’t I only charged 4 cents?

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean! I had a few campaigns exactly the same. Minimum bid was 0.06 but when the actual charge came, it was 0.29 per click! ??

  2. Hi Ryan. I read a lot of info on this in Perry Marshall’s newletters.
    It’s my understanding that google automatically assumes your ad reeks, until it’s had time to “prove” itself… just give it a couple of days to test run, and I bet the price per click goes down. Let me know how it goes.