May 29, 2023

Is It Possible To Cancel Comcast?

Has anybody ever been successful in canceling their Comcast Cable subscription? I recently switched to WOW so that I could get the big 10 network. It was easy and painless and they managed to come out the day of the Michigan game and install it in time for me to watch U of M trounce Purdue.

While he was installing I decided to call Comcast and cancel my account. After spending 6.5 minutes going through the menu, I finally was presented with an option to cancel. It then transferred me and told me my hold time would be 2 hours, 51 minutes and asked me if I’d like a customer representative to call me back. I chose yes.

When it called back I was greeted by a voice saying this is my callback and that my current hold time is 54 minutes. I promptly mashed the buttons trying to get a person, but it just hung up on me.

Calling back later, It again gave me a hold time of over 2 hours. I chose new installation instead, and after a 1 minute hold time I got a salesperson. They told me they couldn’t cancel my account and they transferred me to a department… which after 10 minutes of holding gave me a recorded message telling me to call back later.

So far I’ve spent over 5 hours of my time the last 2 days on the phone with Comcast and haven’t been able to cancel my account.

Is it even possible? I’m debating about driving to their office and throwing my box and remote through the window, but I’m afraid even that won’t work.

It’s looking like the only way to cancel is to stop paying my bill until they send somebody out to turn off my service.

Has anybody else experienced similar difficulties?

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  1. I had a different but equally terrible incident. I moved from Georgia in October 16th. Which happened to be the last day in my billing cycle. I turned in my equipment that morning. Upon asking the clerk if my billing would stop he said “Yes.” Since Comcast bills in advance he said I owed nothing. “But oh… wait!” he says. I use automatic withdraw. I normally have money taken out on the 28th of each month. He goes on to say that the billing for the next month was already initiated. 12 days..? I asked him what it all meant, well I was billed 114.00 for a service I no longer had. When I inquired about getting my money back I was told it would be mailed in 4-6 weeks! Comcast can take your money from your account 12 days ahead of time, but it takes them 4-6 weeks to give it back…. I still don’t have my money.

  2. I just experienced the same thing. They’ve billed me for the next month after I cancelled… saying that it usually takes a few months and that I’ll get a final statement saying what I owe.

    I wonder how many people pay these other bills?