buy provigil us December 6, 2023

Kitten Pictures Part II

Continuing in the typical blogger tradition of posting cat pictures, here’s some more pictures of my cat Whodey.

Whodey is a 14 week old bengal kitten. That means she’s like a regular cat, but longer (and will grow bigger), and a little smarter. She’s not afraid of water, plays fetch, hide and seek, and is pretty smart. In fact, she can jump pretty high too:

I bought her a scratching post the other day (I still haven’t decided if she gets to keep her claws. That’s up to how she acts.

After about 4 hours she pulled all the yarn out of that toy. When she was finished pulling out the yarn she bit off the string, brought it to me and started crying “Hey, I broke my toy.”

Compared to my mom’s cat, whodey is a handfull. She recently decided she likes to swim in her water bowl, and proceeds to make a flood in my kitchen every day. She also likes to sleep under the covers with me. She crawls underneath and curls up against my stomach. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be a problem, but I toss and turn a lot so I constantly get woken up with a claw to the ribs and meow that says “hey, get off of me.”

Here’s a couple more pictures. About Ryan Jones

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  1. I love cats. They are very independent creatures and yet exist so well with humans.

    And I don’t care what people say about them, they are just simply the simplest animal to have as a pet. If you honestly don’t have time to pay attention to cats, usually they have the capacity to entertain themselves. One of the greatest features as a pet, if you ask me.

    Although they can also be rather mischievous… win some lose some I guess.

  2. Hi:

    I am the lady who bred your kitten. It thrilled me so much that she has found such a forever loving home. I can see she is spoiled and loved. As she gets older, she will get smarter. My in-house Bengal can open drawers, doors, and loves to pull out the tupperware and chase it across the floor. They are smarter than any other breed I know of. Some say the act more like a dog.

    Bengals are amazing. Might I suggest you read “Getting to Know The Bengal Cat”by Gene Johnson. It tells about Jean Mills who was kind of the founding lady of the Bengals of today. Very interesting reading.

    Keep the pictures coming! Give the baby a hug and kiss from me. (I have some adults available if anyone is interested – several are worthy of being show cats/breeders), all at greatly reduced prices.