June 10, 2023

Kitten Videos Part 2

To those of you who read this for other reaons, I appologize. My family has requested more cat updates of Who Dey, so I’m providing.

On the technical side, I just bought a $20 AirLink 101 USB video capture adapter, and it seems to have worked pretty well. The quality isn’t that great but I think it’s due to the fact that my camcorder is about 5 years old. I’m not much of a video guy.

Anyway… You might ask why the videos are being hosted on Google Video and it’s because I tried YouTube and I like Google Video better. After veryifying my email on YouTube, it still asked me to verify my email – so I was stuck waiting. Anyway, Google video’s interface seems better too, but that’s another post. On to the videos:

Here’s a good one of Who Dey Playing fetch:

She also likes to jump. Here’s a couple of her jumping… Before you complain though, it’s hard to play with the cat while holding a video camera.

here’s another:

That’s it for now. By the way, why doesn’t Google video have a category pre made for cat videos? They should!

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