June 10, 2023

Let’s Play Two

I’m really glad that April Fools Day is overwith. As far as the web is concerned, it’s one of my least favorite holidays. Sure it’s fun to read about TiSP and Other April Fools jokes, but if you’re trying to look something up or get some work done it can be annoying.

Anyway, the end of April Fools Day brings about one of my favorite holidays: Opening Day! Yes, it’s officially baseball season!

Opening day in Detroit was a big deal this year – what with us having made it to the world series. Downtown Detroit was full of life and energy today and it felt great! There were booths everywhere, all kinds of things to do, and just a general awesome mood in the city.

Best of all, Asif and I managed to get out of work at noon and head down to Comerica Park just in time to see the Tigers bat in the bottom of the first inning.

It’s a shame we missed the banner raising and the flyover during the national anthem, (although the jets did fly over our heads walking down woodward) but it was great to be part of the electric opening day atmosphere.

Unfortunately the tigers lost in the 10th inning, but it didn’t seem to dampen the mood of the crowd any. There’s high hopes for the Tigers this season, and I hope they can live up to their expectations. It’s got to be a lot different going from a feel good story to the team everybody is gunning for.

I wish I’d have had time to get my camera, (or at least change out of my long sleeve black shirt and put on some sunglasses or a hat – my face is burnt!) but I did manage to snap a few pictures with my cell phone.

Check out the view from our seats. Row 10 right behind 3rd base.

Opening Day 2007

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