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June 9, 2010

Live Blogging SMX: SEO Vets Take All Comers

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The SEO Vets take all comers with Danny, Rae, Bruce Clay, Alex Bennert, Vanessa Fox, Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, and Stephan Spencer is starting soon. I’ve got my seat in the front row and I’ll be liveblogging soon.

screw it ustream: http://ustre.am/iWi6

Phone died during ustream. I’m going to pick up here liveblogging.

Rae has lost her voice. One of the panelists said it’s an early xmas gift for the rest of us.

Bruce and Vanessa are talking about news headlines. Don’t use “giant wave” in the headline if you’re talking about a Tsunami. Bruce says they can’t correct after the fact on CNN – so they have to do it during creation.

Vanessa is talking about crawling again. Whoever asked this question didn’t go to the last architecture session. See my notes below for the answer here, I’m not retyping it.

add &start=990 to google to see the end of the results. &filter=0 will show you omitted results

Don’t worry about bounce rate affecting SEO – worry about bounce rate affecting conversions.

Since Cutts won’t give a straight answer, a good strategy is to ask him questions and judge his physical reaction.

Matt’s taking notes about changing the “omitted results” list’s name to “a list of crap” I like that Idea. “would you like to see a list of crap from this website?”

Many SEOs here don’t believe official Google answers about crawlability. that’s shocking – why would Google lie about how they crawl the web? There’s no motive. Google wants everything crawlable and findable – it gives them a better search engine.

Should you ever stop link building? The answer: if you owned a brick and mortar store would you ever stop trying to get customers?

Nobody admits to buying links, yet lots of people do it. If you get penalized, you have to clean it up and file a re-inclusion request.

Not sure why so much paranoia over linked networks of sites or paid links. You have to go very obsessive to get banned. IN most cases, I don’t think many SEOs have to worry about links in bad places.

Google recently penalized Google Japan for buying links. If Google is willing to penalize themselves, they may penalize you. Google’s really good at finding links.

So what happens if your competitor buys links for your site…. Vanessa says it’s unlikely that you could get penalized in this case as bans usually result for multiple factors.

Don’t buy links, just give out free phones in return for links.

Is facebook and the open graph going to kill Google? No – but should you diversify into social media? Yes.

Rae says she’ll take any links, she doesn’t care where they come from. I’m in the same boat. One of the biggest traffic drivers to NoSlang.com is a nofollowed link on somebody’s site. Sometimes we lose track of why we needed links in the first place.

Don’t go crazy with universal search. Do you really want a video to rank higher than the link to your site where people can buy something? Most videos don’t have a link to go complete a conversion after watching it…those links that ranked do.

Alex Bennert says to email her if WSJ mentions your site but doesn’t link to it. Good to know, they’ve done that to noslang.com in the past.

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