New Server

Just a heads up. I purchased a new server from and then promptly cancelled after them basically just saying “here’s a fresh linux install, ip and root password. have fun.” That’s great for some people, but not for me.

So instead I headed over to GoDaddy and got a dedicated box through them. This time I paid the extra $9/month for Cpanel – much better! (please don’t bother posting the Plesk > * comments here… it’s not!)

Anyway… I moved and over to this newer faster server, so you should see a huge improvement in Feedbutton. Unfortunately, the feedbutton stats had grown to be well over 2 gigs of data, so I decided to make some database optimization changes. You’ll still get the exact same stats, but it won’t take up as much space on my server now.

Sadly though, it means that all the Feedbutton stats were reset. Sorry about that. I guess it gives everybody an equal chance to be on the most popular page though. Check it out.

Anyway.. I hope to move dotCULT over tonite, so this will be the last post until I can get it moved over and the DNS properly switches. (as a bonus, I now get to use as my name servers)

That’s about it. See you on the new (faster) server…

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