June 10, 2023

new phone time

I spent the last 5 days up north at my cottage, and not having broadband internet access or cell phone reception really changes what you do.

I did get a lot better at horseshoes and golf though.

Honestly, I can’t believe how slow dial up access is though (although it is just a free dialup provider from U of M).

Some websites just wouldn’t load in a decent time (like my bank website to check my account balance… who knew crown royal could have been so expensive)

Also, if you run the only store that sells ice in a 20 mile radius, it’s probably a good idea to order more than usual for the 4th of July weekend… Next year eh?

If you emailed me, I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. I’ve sorted out the spam and I have about 30 some at home to reply to, and I have no idea what’s waiting for me at work tomorrow.

I’m also looking for new phone reccomendations. My Nextel dropped 8 calls on me on thursday, and 1 today. I’m thinking of switching to cingular (my whole family has it and it works up north, so the mobile to mobile would be great no?)

Anyway… tell me your praise or horror stories about cingular, and let me know which phone I should buy. I want one with a camera in it and text message capabilities (yeah my phone doesn’t do either… old huh?)

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