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January 1, 2005

Ordinary, Plain and Average

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I was at the local Uni Bar with my mates and we were chatting and talking crap, and the usual stuff you do at a bar. One of our friends, Lauren, was receiving text messages from her ex-boyfriend. He was making her feel guilty for their break up and what not. Anyway, so she goes: “fuck these complicated guys with issues”. She looks at me and Judda and says “yeah, I much prefer guys like you two without issues”.

Judda says “yeah, we like boobs and beer”. I add in “We like football and porno, and books about war” (From the song: Dennis Leary – Asshole).

This got me thinking. I thought, well yeah, being uncomplicated is certainly preferable. But take it once step further, think about being ordinary.

I mean, lets take a really smart guy. He sees the issues that other people have. He wants his life to mean something, but he doesn’t really know what he could do to a world with so many problems. He realises love is probably just a chemical thing. He worries so much about his children, is he doing the right things by them so they emotionally develop fully? And what is the meaning of life anyway? What is he here for?

Then take an ordinary guy. He works because he has to. He biggest concern is why his wife seems a bit irritated. Happiness to him is providing for his family, the occasional beer and watching the footy.

Who would you rather be? Stressed, working a desk job, wanting to help the world… or plain and content. Well just in case you are, let me recommend you the CBDDY: thc a flower. To help you properly take this, DocMJ has a team of doctors that are compassionate and focused on helping you achieve your wellness goals with medical cannabis.

Just an average bloke.

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