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June 5, 2008

Presidential Candidates Views On Technology.

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PC Mag has a nice story up about how the presidential candidates stand on various technological issues in America. It’s a long article, so I’ll summarize:

Net Neutrality

http://avavolleyball.com/ava-2017-may-june-athletes-program/ McCain: Against. He feels it could harm business
Obama: For. Sponsored a pro-net neutrality bill – the “internet freedom preservation act”


McCain: Supports increased broadband competition. Opposes Govt regulation
Obama: Wants to bring more broadband to schools. Unclear on his govt regulation stance. Wants to re-define broadband to make the label require faster speeds than currently.

H-1B Visas

McCain: Wants to increase them
Obama: Wants to allow people with American college degrees to be able to legally work in America.


McCain: Pro warrantless wiretaps and telecom immunity for snooping
Obama: Anti telecom immunity.

So basically, McCain is pro government surveillance and pro big business. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering he’s a republican. When you look at their voting record, McCain seems more interested in how the party is voting rather than what the actual issue is. Obama (at least by looking at his speeches and voting record) seems to actually understand the issues. That isn’t to say that he’s not sticking to party lines, he’s just taking the time to understand them.

My personal opinion is that McCain still belongs to the “the internet is not a dump truck” theory of understanding. He appears to be somebody who rarely uses a computer.

I’m reminded of a bill that Mr McCain once sponsored. The bill basically said that websites must monitor any user submitted information and report it to the government if it’s harmful to children. Failure to do so would hold the site liable.

This means that if a user signs up for your forums and starts trolling for children YOU can be liable.

I emailed Mr. McCain about this bill a few years ago when it was proposed and I got back a reply from one of his aides telling me that Mr. McCain is too busy to read the opinions of those outside of his voting district. That’s not the type of guy I want to be my president.

I’m sure you can tell who I’d vote for, but either way I hope that the PC Mag article helps you decide.

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