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January 6, 2012

Racism and Class Discrimination are Different

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You can always tell it’s election season by the number of racism and discrimination lawsuits that start popping up in the news. It also serves as a good reminder about classism (that’s a word right?) and racism.

The debate usually centers around the same 2 key issues with only the location of the debate changing. It’s always the date/time/location of polling places, and the attempt to ID voters.

Contrary to popular believe, buy Pregabalin uk requiring IDs from voters is NOT racist. Assuming that African American voters are less likely to have valid ID however IS racist. It seems to me that the very people claiming these bills are racist are helping further the racial stereotype by doing so.

Saying that your race won’t leave the house to vote on their own unless the polls are tied to church services isn’t doing any favors either.

I’m not advocating any of these practices, I’m just saying that counting class discrimination as racism is in itself another form of racism – one that can easily be prevented.

Quite simply, the ability to go to the polls and the ability to have a valid ID have NOTHING to do with the color of one’s skin and are NOT racial issues. These are CLASS issues – purposely designed by the powers that be to try and keep the lower class from voting – regardless of race. (again, not right either but that’s the subject of another article)

When people claim that these efforts are racist, they’re also insinuating that certain races are by default lower class – and that’s what’s really racist.

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