Review: Visual Spellcheck Plugin

If it seems like my spelling has improved that’s because, well, it has!

Before I moved dotCULT over to the new server I decided to mod it up a bit. I installed some less common options like pspell (the php spelling module) and mod_python (haven’t played with that yet) and some newer upgrades like PHP5 and MySQL5.

One of the benefits of having PHP5 and pspell is that I get to use cool AJAX wordpress plugins like Visual Spellcheck.
If you want to use it, you’ll have to use the more basic wordpress editor instead of the richtext (but I don’t like the richtext version anyway – it creates ugly code.)

Once activated, the plugin will put a little “check spelling” link above the textbox. Clicking it highlights any misspelled words like in the screenshot below:

It’s pretty cool – and easy to use. I really wish they’d make a spellchecker addon for ScribeFire. It’s so much easier to blog from FireFox than it is to open up my blog all the time. (especially when it’s having DNS issues… but don’t worry I think I have all fixed now.) About Ryan Jones

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