September 26, 2023

SEOing WordPress Title Tags

Those of you who regularly read this blog might be familiar with an article I wrote last month titled What The Hell is cpsrvd. It was basically just an example of how to write a useful SEO article.

I was searching for information about cpsrvd and realized that I couldn’t find everything I was looking for in one post, so I wrote one of my own. That’s always been a great SEO strategy. In fact, it’s how and were created.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of search traffic coming for the term “cpsrvd”. (which will no doubt increase after this article eh?)

Anyway, it wasn’t as much as I had expected from being on the front page of Google for that term. There was a small problem. Take a look, can you spot it?

Look at that title tag. It’s hideous. No wonder nobody’s clicking.

Luckily, there’s a great wordpress plugin called seo title tag plugin that lets you have more control over what your wordpress <title> tags look like.

Here’s that same Google results after the title tag change was spidered:

Looks like it’s not only more readable, but that it actually moved up in the results too.

Remember: your blog title may be great, but it’s not relevant to every article you post. Do your readers a favor and make sure you’re using great title tags. Sometimes, it’s all they have to go on when judging whether or not to visit your page.

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  1. For those curious as to why the Google results are numbered in my screenshot, I’m using a FireFox extension called customize google that allows you to change many properties of the Google results page.

  2. Ryan, it also makes real sense to ensure that your blog title is also on every single page. Take a look at my blog, articles have the title first, but my blog later.

  3. EvilBastard says

    I miss when this place was a sweet ass forum. Its been years since Ive been here. Hope things are good.

  4. Welcome Back…

    I miss those days too EvilBastard.

    up until a year ago or so I had a “used to kick ass but doesn’t really kick ass any more” forum going, but the spam bots took it over.

    I’m sure one day I’ll have a great idea and do something productive with this domain. For now though, it’s just another blog.

    Feel free to come back though, I miss the days (and most importantly the old people)