May 29, 2023

Sponsored Tweets Poll

Just wanted to get some of your thoughts about sponsored tweets. There’s a lot of companies popping up offering cash for twitters, and I’m sure we’re going to start seeing an influx of the #ad and #sponsored tags.

What will you do if people you follow start trying to make a buck with their tweets. What’s your twitter ad threshold? Please vote in the 2 polls below: (results are in the first comment)

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Ryan Jones is an SEO from Detroit. By day he works as a manager of SEO & Analytics at SapientNitro where his team performs SEO for Fortune500 clients. By night he's either playing hockey or attempting to take over the world with his own websites - which he would have already succeeded in doing had it not been for those meddling kids and their dog. The views expressed here have not been paid for and belong only to Ryan, not any of his employers or clients. Follow Ryan on Twitter at: @RyanJones, add him on Google+ or visit his personal website:


  1. And yes, I know the 2nd poll is redundant, but I had created it before this post and the poll for this post, so just in case it got some stray votes i wanted to bring them in as well.