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May 16, 2007

Summertime Schedule

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It’s going to be a busy next few weeks.

I’ve got an interview in the Troy area this Friday, then Monday I (95% chance here) leave for Buffalo for another job interview.

Then, next weekend I’m up north Thursday – Tuesday.

The weekend after that (June 1-3) I’ll be in Toronto for a hockey tournament. It’s our “league championships” Check out these stats. Not bad for a fat guy eh?

Looking at my weight on that page though, I realize I’ve lost almost 10 lbs since the season began!

On top of all this I’ve got my first (and second) ever softball game today. In about 3 hours actually. I’m a little bit nervous. Other than practicing with my friends for the last 3 weeks, I haven’t played baseball since I was 12. That’s a long time.

I’ve gotten a lot better though. I still can’t hit a home run to save my life, but I manage to drop it down right between 2nd base and center field… so at least I’ll have a good on base percentage.

Hmm, haven’t been to Texas in a while… maybe I should squeeze that in somewhere too. Either way, if you’re trying to get in touch with me over the next few weeks and I’m hard to get a hold of – this is why.

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