Yurga June 10, 2023

Supreme Court to Decide Something Significant

The US supreme court will take a break from talking to baseball players and strippers today to actually consider something important. On the docket today is the case of DC v. Heller – a case that will decide where the second amendment applies to all individuals, or merely those in a militia or serving their country.

It could be a great win for gun-toting Americans, or it could be the start of a potential uprising.

The case came about over the Washington DC law that bans handguns and requires all shotguns and rifles to be disassembled or contain trigger locks. With their city leading the nation in murders, citizens have no way to protect themselves.

It seems like a shut and dry case – the law will be found unconstitutional and people will be free to own handguns again in DC. At least, that’s how I see it. It will be interesting to see how the court interprets this and exactly what they say in the ruling.

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