December 6, 2023

Testing wordpress for iPad

You can safely ignore this post. I’m testing something on my server and also playing with word press for iPad. Typing is a pain without a keyboard but I’m getting pretty fast at using my thumbs. Auto spell check is actually helping here (unlike sending a text message where it always screws up my words).

Sadly it looks like I can only attach photos at the bottom so in true blogger fashion, here’s a cat picture.

I’m also wondering if links work. So here’s a link: my softball stats

Interesting after you type “Http:” it brings up a link builder. Wish it just gave that option.

Overall this seems pretty weak. Id like some formatting shortcuts. HTML editing stuff and ability to include images anywhere in a post. I don’t think I’ll be live blogging from my iPad any time soon.

This also concludes my test. This post will be removed in a few days.

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