June 10, 2023

Thats Some Bad Hat Harry

Jaws was on today. What a great movie. It made generations of Americans afraid to go into the water. The best thing about the movie is that you don’t even see the shark for the first hour and a half and it’s still a great thriller.

That’s what makes a great horror movie…. the Plot. It’s not about how much blood you have or how creatively you scare the person. It’s about letting your viewer identify with the plot. Let them put themselves into the position as the characters in the film – then they can be genuinely scared.

I also didn’t realize that the “bad hat harry” production company took it’s name from a scene in the opening half hour of jaws. I’ve always seen that at the end of House and thought “where have I seen that before?” Well, it’s a scene in Jaws where the old swimmer comes up to Cheif Brody complaining and the cheif just looks at him and he says “that’s some bad hat harry” in reference to his swim cap.

Just a great movie.. Too bad I can’t say the same for Jaws 4.

Update: Here’s the scene:

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  1. Rand Barry says

    Thanks Ryan! My girlfriend and I are big “House” fans and after seeing the “that’s some bad hat Harry” line at the end of each show, for the 25th time, it came to me where I knew it from. Thank you for confirming my suspicion!

  2. Yea, I downloaded all three season of House and part of the 4th and my cousin had to explain where the Bad Hat Harry clip was from. After awhile I could see the scene in Jaws. Funny stuff.