December 6, 2023

The Liberals Are Coming

It’s official. Obama has won the white house, and the Democrats have won control of the house and the senate. While I voted for Obama, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for one party to control the house, senate, and presidency. It makes it too easy to push through legislation.

So what legislation are we going to push through? Here’s our plan:

1.) Forced abortions for stem cell research (and a few for eating)
2.) Mandated gay marriage for straight people.
3.) Tax straight marriage
4.) Tax mandatory abortions.
5.) Join the war on Israel.
6.) A complete dismantling of the US army.
7.) A tax to pay for the dismantling of the US army.
8.) Take away your health care. (just yours)
9.) Ban all guns – even those used by local police.
10.) Ban local police.

Seriously, I’ve heard at least one conservative mention all of these things throughout the election. It’s not going to be that bad.

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  1. The sharp shift of moving from an all republican controlled government to all democrat controlled government is the same kind of extreme changes we see in the financial markets. The volatility is like people trying to pick the next big thing that has it all figured-out; is a sure winner and the perfect answer.

    I’ll stick with the people I truly believe in for the long run instead of these politicians who run a perfect campaign and paint wonderful dreams in peoples eyes.

  2. I can only pray that Obama will lead the Democrats in a way this is not hard left.