The Social Network Movie Experience

Last night after seeing the reviews on Flixster I decided I wanted to go see The Social Network movie. I quickly found a date on OkCupid and we headed to the theater. Upon arriving I quickly pulled out my iPhone and twittered that I was planning on seeing the movie. Then I opened up Facebook places and checked in my new friend and I before updating my status to let everybody know I was about to see the movie of the year. I also checked in on foursquare, where I was made aware of a coupon for free popcorn.

I logged into Groupon to take advantage of a ticketing deal, and paid with my debit card so that the purchase details were instantly available on Blippy (and also tracked on Then I took a photo of my date and I and uploaded it to DailyBooth and Flickr.

Unfortunately, by the time I did all of this the movie was over. I set my MySpace mood to disappointed dissapointed and headed home.

Of course, you probably caught all of that on my friendfeed right? About Ryan Jones

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  1. Ok so none of that really happened, but it could have. I think we’re very close to suffering from social media overload.

    On top of that, why isn’t there one app that does it all for me? Status, Location, Friends, Picture Go – it figures out where to put what.