June 8, 2023

The Spread of A Story

I wanted to blog about Google Apps Permier Edition (GAPE), but after seeing it mentioned on so many other sites, I had a better idea. Instead of talking about GAPE, let’s look at how a news story spreads across the internet.

  • Feb 18thZDnet talks about the possibility of the product
  • 10:00 pm Yesterday – Google Blogoscoped mentions the feature is coming.
  • 1:30 am – Google officially launches Google Apps Premier Edition
  • 2:00 am – First mention of it by bloggers on blogspot
  • 6:00 amRobert Scoble mentions it
  • 9:50 amSearch Engine Land carries the story
  • 10:00 amSlashdot has picked up the story
  • 11:00 amTechdirt replies with an editorial about Google Apps competing with Microsoft.
  • 11:11 amNews.com publishes their version of the story

Who’s next? Wired? Fark? Digg** Where are you guys at?

* – Some of these times are estimates based on Google News finding the story.
** – The story has made it to Digg, but only in the upcoming, and only had a handful of diggs at the time of this writing – not significant enough to count as “on digg”.

Update: As predicted, Wired chimed in with the story late at 11:52 am.

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  1. I should mention that I converted these times to Eastern time.