June 8, 2023

to nitro-nize or not

Belle Tire is running their commercials offering nitrogen in tires.

A lot of people are skeptical as to the benefits, so I offer you this:

NitroNize Your Tires – FAQ This answers the common questions and even tells you how much you could save on gas mileage.

Do the research and decide for yourself.

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  1. Gary Creighton says

    The more i read about nitrogen inflation the more skeptical I become. BelleTire says that air is made up of 70% nitrogen, that number is low its really around 78%. when they filter the air they only filter out oxygen, there is about 7% “other” gasses still left. being optimistic they get to 90% nitrogen 10% oxygen and other gasses. now they inflate a tire with this, a tire that already has unpressurized air in it. Being optomistic again lets say that only drops the purity to 85% nitrogen 15% “other” gasses. how much of a diffrence is 7% going to make, add to that the fact that the amount of nitrogen in the air can change by as much as 3% due to temp and barrometric pressure and I dont see much of an argument for nitro-nizeing anything, they say its in race cars but on the track we use compressed 100% pure nitrogen In a tire thats made to be pushed over 200 mph the benifit is heat dissapasion not so much gas mileage. thanks, Gary R. Creighton (GM test engineer)