June 8, 2023

Tracking My Spam

I was cleaning up my Gmail inbox today (it’s down to 115 unreplied messages now – not counting spam) and I got sidetracked and decided to break down my spam by time received.

So far today (it’s only 11pm) I’ve received over 2500 spam messages.

1800 during the 7 hours I was asleep last night.

9 while I showered.

500 while at work today.

17 on my drive home from work.

90 during dinner.

200 during the red wings game.

That’s 2616 in total, and there’s still an hour left to go in the day.

Usuki Update: 6 more between 11 and midnight for a total of 2622 today

Of course the only way I noticed these was by checking the spam filter in my Gmail box, but it’s easy to see why many of today’s youth aren’t using email anymore in favor of social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter where one has to know you before they can message you.

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